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Drug-Free Coalition of Granville County, Inc.


Youth Groups:

Our youth groups are facilitated by licensed professionals. Our approach is practical and goal oriented. We create a safe environment for youth to share their thoughts and feelings and gain support from their peers. Youth are taught coping strategies to address substance use and mental health disorders as well as delinquent behavior.

Family Groups:

Our family groups are facilitated by licensed professionals. Parents participate in weekly family/parent group meetings where their fellowship is focused on self-care and mutual support. In our parent group meetings, struggling parents gain insight, find answers on day-to-day challenges, learn how to set boundaries, and how best to support their youth in recovery.


Pro-social activities and snacks are provided at each group. Pre-planned staffed activities are on weekends, days/evenings to provide youth with an opportunity to learn to have fun without abusing substances.

About our foundation

We offer services for youth between ages of 13-21

Drug-Free Coalition of Granville County is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to educating youth and at-risk populations about healthy living and drug prevention.

Drug-Free Coalition of Granville County provides substance abuse service that promote the health and quality of life of our community "The Bridge To Recovery"


statistics about youth and substance abuse


Get involved

We are looking for individuals who have expertise in substance abuse, mental health, faith community, law enforcement, health care, education, financial literacy, legal skills, and much more.

If you are interested in working directly with us, please contact us at drugfreecgc@gmail.com Let us be one strong voice to help those struggling with the disease of addiction.

Raise Funds For The Cause

“Organize your own event to amplify Drug-Free Coalition of Granville County, Inc. by getting family, friends, and your community involved to help fundraise.”

Together, we can stop the stigma of addiction.

Our Co-founders & CEOs

Danielle Harris



Taneisha Jordan



Our Story

“The nonprofit named Drug-Free Coalition of Granville County, Inc. was founded in 2018 by two individuals both residents of Granville County who were directly impacted by addiction. The founders saw the need for substance abuse services for youth in their community. Drug-Free Coalition of Granville County, Inc. (DFC) was birthed to spread that message of hope. Through, this work Drug-Free Coalition of Granville County, Inc. hopes to reduce the feeling of isolation and stigma, drawing people who need help to those who want to help. “We exist because addiction is a tough problem, we want to help youth with substance use disorders”. Drug-Free Coalition of Granville County, Inc. want to help demonstrate that people can, and do, recover from addictions, and those who do come from all walks of life.”

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912 College St., Oxford, NC 27565

+1 919-339-4563

Tuesday to Thursday 5:00pm to 7:30pm


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